23 Sep

I’m starting a blog, just like all of the 1000000000 of other people who have started a blog. I’ve tried this before but I’ve never came further than the first post. So here I am, starting this blog and promising myself that this time, I will at least write 5 post. Than my goal will be achieved and I can go on living freely and happy and careless. Or not. 

So why am I starting this blog? Well. I’m not sure. People start writing blogs for different reasons. To show the world they exist or to stimulate their creativity and inspire others. For me it’s some kind of way to understand myself. Because my thoughts are always taking different directions at the same time, and I’m not fast enough to keep in track with that. So I thought, if I write it down maybe someday I will understand my feelings, my thoughts, my dreams. Myself. 

So thats what this blog is about. And well, all the crap I just like to see, do, listen to, think of and my dreams. Because I have funny dreams.



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